Contact Feng Shui Consultant, Call 07884 262344[ 14 DEC 2012 ]
 Contact Feng Shui Consultant Martin Cardwell, Call 07884 262344
 Dowsing for Geopathic Stress, Dowser London UK, Dowsing Practitioner London UK, Remote Dowsing[ 14 DEC 2012 ]
 Dowsing for health, dowsing for geopathic stress. Dowsing practitioner Martin Cardwell offers dowsing consultations in London UK and remote dowsing.
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 Feng Shui Consultant London UK, Feng Shui Practitioner London UK[ 11 DEC 2012 ]
 Feng Shui Consultant Martin Cardwell is an accredited feng shui consultant with the Feng Shui Society. Call Martin on 07884 262344. Based in Bromley and working in London and UK. Feng shui expert with 20 years experience in feng shui and dowsing.
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