Feng Shui Consultant London UK, Feng Shui Practitioner London UK

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Feng Shui Consultations

The practice of Feng Shui is based on the understanding of the dynamic flow of energy known as chi ( or qi ) which flows throughout the Universe.
Feng Shui principles enable us to work with the natural earth and universal energies to create harmony and balance.
This allows us to reduce negative forces and influences as much as possible and to create and enhance positive energies.
The ancient wisdom of Feng Shui which is very relevant to our modern times provides us with knowledge and guidance in our everyday lives. Health, Finances and Well-Being can be improved.


Dowsing Consultations

Dowsing is a traditional intuitive art and science which allows us to understand how to achieve better health and knowledge about ourselves and our environment.
It can be used as a very useful intuitive addition to classical Feng Shui or alternatively as it has been traditionally used for :- Water locating/divining, Geopathic Stress, Health intuition, Business decisions, Locations for planting for healthy growth, Spiritual guidance etc.,

Remote or distant dowsing

This form of dowsing is available using map dowsing with consultations on the telephone, skype, zoom etc.,