Geopathic Stress - is often described as a dysfunction in the relationship between people and the natural energies of the Earth.

This affects homes, workplaces and the health and indeed happiness of people.

Spending extended periods of time in places with disturbed energy fields, our bodies may absorb harmful, subtle but overtime significant negative energies which will adversely affect our health in a detrimental way.

Dowsing is one of the most effective intuitive techniques when dealing with Geopathic Stress ( GS ).This traditional technique is well known as an effective way to locate and estimate the extent and quality of water.

Likewise, it is used to help assess the location and strength of negative and indeed positive energies ( eg, power spots.) in our environment.

Dowsing techniques show us how the natural energies interact with buildings and structures of all kinds and with the people who live and/or work therein.

Geopathic Stress can cause dysfunctions in the relationship between people and the natural energies of the Earth.This will then adversely affect people's homes and workplaces leading to physical and mental health issues.

Spending extended periods of time in places with disturbed energy fields exposes our mind & bodies to harmful and powerful forces that may exist in certain places.

This is of particular importance in sleeping and sitting areas situated in locations with disturbed energy lines.( many hours spent in such a place can lead to a build up of harmful effects.)

The main problem for us is that the depletion of our physical and subtle energies that is caused by GS can lead to:-

Impaired concentration, perpetual fatigue, mental depletion and depression, difficuties countering stress and possibly other serious health conditions.

Particularly, in these challenging times it is of vital importance that we maintain the effectiveness of our immune system in order to avoid harmful viruses and illnesses.

The trained dowsing consultant can repattern the flow of energies and often remove negative fields.

Sometimes the negative areas are naturally occuring but they can often also be caused by otherwise healthy energy fields becoming effectively traumatised and 'stressed'. Consequently, the natural flow of energy ( known as chi or qi ) becomes disturbed, blocked or unbalanced.

Such effects can be as a result of traumatic changes to the landscape or below it's surface.

Examples :- include quarrying, excavations, construction projects ( possibly many miles away ), underground streams and rivers, railway lines etc.,

It is highly desirable that healing and rebalancing should be applied by the experienced consultant. This will encourage a much healthier environment and be greatly beneficial to the occupants.

The experienced consultant will use such techniques as - earth acupuncture, special rituals and focused techniques etc.,

Geopathic Stress is often located bydowsing and other intuitive techniques.

These techniques can be viewed as both an art and a science which connect the rational mind with the intuitive and deeper parts of our mind, thereby accessing universal knowledge, In this case dowsing is used to detect where the negative energy is situated or flowing, so that it can be eliminated.

Dowsing is most famous for being used in the search for underground water which is a fundamental need in many parts of the world, but it has many other applications, such as locating GS.

Dowsing for Geopathic Stress - Consultations

The consultations can either be at your home or business premises, or the consultation can also be accomplished from distance ( remote dowsing ),

Martin is a professional Dowsing Consultant with some 20 years experience.
Registered with the British Society of Dowsers ( BSD )
Call for a consultation on - 07884 262344

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