It does not matter if your home is a mansion or a small room as it forms a major part of your life providing security and shelter.

In addition, the surrounding environment, layout of the home, interior design ( whether sophisticated or not , together with the subtle natural energies will all have a profound effect on the occupants.

Your home is where you eat and sleep and therefore the space needs to support you in a practical way and also should be a place that can provide inspiration for life aspirations.

The natural energies are also of great importance as they can have a profound influence if they are predominately negative or indeed positive.

Once your home is comfortable and harmoniously balanced, the flow of chi will be of great benefit to you and all other people.

It will help reduce the negative symptoms of stress and will promote clarity of mind together with a greater possibilities for physical and mental health.

Obstacles in life can be easier to overcome and opportunities in life may be recognised and successfully acted upon.

The overall aim is always to seek to improve your home and work space to help you achieve more in life with possibly less effort.

Martin will help you create incorpoate Feng Shui features into your living space, creating a supportive and balanced environment where positive changes are more likely to take place.

It is a pleasure to help people optimise their opportunities for better health, improved finances, friends and wellbeing.

Feng Shui consultations include the following :-

* Feng Shui survey for your home and immediate surrounding area.
This will consider many aspects - Natural and Earth energies, Chi ( energy ) left by previous occupants, Layout & furniture, minimising negative aspects and encouraging positive Chi wherever possible. Colours and design can also be addressed.
Rooms :- Bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and front doors, living rooms etc.,

* A Brief and friendly discussion on your challenges with the home and life aspirations.

* Feng Shui Astrology profile ( if required )

* House Blessing ( if you would like it )

* Written report

Feng Shui in the home based on sound Feng Shui principles creates harmonious relationships, enhances health and attracts abundance and prosperity.

Feng Shui is based on the understanding that there are flows of natural energy which support and form part of everything in the Universe.

Martin Cardwell of Feng Shui Experience offers you a full Feng Shui consultation for your home that will bring great benefits.

The consultation will involve the careful study and analysis of all natural energies interacting with your home. Martin will read the energies of your home and suggest remedies that will be appropriate.

Martin will read the energies of your home and suggest remedies, some of which can be applied at the time of the consultation that. It is expected that this will lead to a much more successful environment for family members.

The flow of natural energies (known as Chi) will be balanced and the home will be energised by the elimination of negative energies including Geopathic Stress and the promotion of high vibration energies.

This will help improve health, family relationships, romance, the efficient working and harmony in the home, career success, abundance and prosperity.

Martin will help you achieve an improved and more energised environment which will help you inspire change and encourage success and harmony in many aspects of your life.

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