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Feng Shui is based on the ancient Chinese wisdom which understood the dynamic and complex flow of energies throughout the Universe.

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is - Wind and Water which can be considered as harmony and balance bringing abundance to all situations.


It is a fundamental understanding in Feng Shui that homes and workplaces have a very significant impact on health and performance and that changes to our environment using knowledge of Feng Shui will lead to positive changes in our lives.  

Feng Shui Consultant Martin Cardwell will help you to inspire change in your life, improve home and business, using the power of Feng Shui.


  • Experience working as a Feng Shui consultant for over 20 years
  • Acrcredited Professional Feng Shui Consultant (FSSA) with the Feng Shui Society
  • Holder of the Professional Feng Shui Diploma from Feng Shui International - presented in 1996
  • Member of the British Society of Dowsers - Professional practitioner for over 20 years
  • Reiki Master/Teacher

Negative energies will be eliminated as much as possible and positive energies will be enhanced and revitalised which will encourage :-

  • Harmony and Balance in the home or business premises  
  • Improving prospects of good health
  • Enhancing prospects of success in all areas of life
  • Benefits to your immediate environment
  • Good relationships, romance etc.

Feng Shui is based on the understanding that there are flows of natural energy known as Chi, which support and energise everything in our universe.

The Feng Shui Consultant will read the energies of the home or business and advice will be given on how changes in placement of furniture, lighting, colours and orientation can have a very beneficial influence.

The areas where negative energy exists will be cleared at the time of the consultation and any blocked energy points will also be addressed.

It is important to read the energies of the space and how it relates to your life, health, wealth and well-being.

Chinese Feng Shui 5 Elements theory is very important relating to the elements of :- Fire,  Earth,  Metal, Water and Wood.

By listening and reading the energies of the space these aspects can be adjusted to change and improve the situation.

Negative energies which have built up from the past such as from previous owners (predecessor chi) can be released and cleared.