How you can help protect your health and home from Techno Stress.

Also known as:- Technopathic Stress, Electromagnetic radiation, Techno Smog, Electromagnetic frequencies.

Techno stress is caused by radio frequencies, mobile phone towers, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, smart meters, broadband routers, etc.,

There are certainly many questions about whether our technology can sometimes cause serious health problems and illnesses.

It is marvellous for many people to possess and have access to such amazing modern technology. However, we are exposed to unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation arising from the increased use of electricity and wireless devices.

There are many more people today reporting that they suffer from debilitating EMF hypersensitivity.


We can offer a risk assessment for your home &/or business and can suggest potential solutions.

It is obviously correct that it is not possible to eliminate all magnetic radiation but it is usually possible to reduce many of the negative effects.

We can suggest precautions against harmful radiation and various solutions to a very difficult problem.

Some of our methods used to help people include :- Scientific meters, Dowsing and other intuitive techniques together with various solutions.

We are essentially electromagnetic beings and therefore being exposed to uncontrolled frequencies in an ever changing environment may well cause us some harm over time.

There is a great deal of research and debate about the subject. However, the sheer speed of technological developments make it impossible for scientists to provide an accurate assessment of the level of possible health risks, particularly as we are all individuals and the risks are probably unquantifiable for each person.

In fact, our modern world is becoming evermore complex as far as technological advances are concerned.

Indeed, combinations of the many EMF's from appliances and mobile phone towers etc., are probably overlooked in most cases when looking at safe levels of exposure.

Sleep and mood disturbances happen to many people often on a regular basis. This may include detrimental influences on the all important pineal gland and possibly overstimulation of the adrenal glands, with associated increasing mental and physical stress symptoms.

It is vitally important to maintain our immune system at an optimal level if at all possible and therefore mitigating the negative effects of geopathic stress ( GS ) and technostress ( TS ) is highly desirable.

It seems that in recent times we now live in what can be considered as a 'soup ' of electromagnetic radiation, which amounts to a massive global experiment, which has not received adequate research partly due to the speed of change.

Radio frequency fields can be classified as follows :-

1) Digital pulsed radio-frequency fields from mobile phone masts, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and other microwave based equipment.

2) Power frequency fields from transformers, power lines, mains wiring and electrical home appliances.

Another factor to consider is so called - ' dirty electricity', which is a higher frequency from various sources that are carried on the domestic mains wiring.

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